Community Based Programming

Family Wraparound

The goal of the Family Wraparound program is to support relative caretakers and children in court directed custody cases. Family Wraparound uses a family preservation model as the basis for the program providing an alternative to a traditional foster care placement. Core services are designed to ensure that relative caregivers have the skills and support needed to maintain children in their homes and in their communities while addressing each child’s need for safety and well-being.

Family Wraparound is a voluntary program that offers assistance to anyone living in the home during the service period of six months. The services, which include case management, mental health treatment and respite services are designed to strengthen the caregiver’s skills and supports needed to increase the overall functioning of the family on a day to day basis. Each member of the household is seen a minimum of one time per week to ensure safety and well-being.

Family Wraparound programming is currently offered in the following areas:

  • Orange County
  • Westchester County

Enhanced Family Wraparound

The Enhanced Family Wraparound Program is a short-term strategic intervention that works from a strength-based perspective. It uses a family prevention model as the basis for the program and adds a strong clinical component for family and individual treatment. The program focuses on achieving effective engagement in order to assure that services are as beneficial as possible for the entire family ecology. The Program is specifically designed to address birth parents, individual and family mental health needs and includes a respite component.

Enhanced Family Wraparound programming is currently offered in the following areas:

  • Westchester County

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Referral Contact:

Amanda Brenna, MS (née Nunez)
Director of Family Wraparound