NAFI NY Orientation Sessions for New Foster Parents

March 15, 2021

NAFI New York foster parents orientation events

Upcoming orientation events are scheduled for those wishing to join the ranks of NAFI New York’s foster families.

The dates are:

  • March 16, 5:30 to 6:30
  • April 13, 5:30 to 6:30
  • May 17, 5:30 to 6:30
  • June 15, 5:30 to 6:30

Participants in the orientation sessions will begin the process of discovering what it takes, and what it’s like, to become a foster parent and provide a safe, loving, and nurturing home to a young person—as well as a sense of hope and possibility.

NAFI is currently recruiting foster care homes in Westchester, Albany, Orange, and Rockland counties.

Those who would like to learn more and attend an orientation must begin by contacting Shawn White, our Home Finding Supervisor, at 845-743-4486, or by email at

Read About the Experiences of NAFI NY Foster Families

NAFI NY provides specialized foster care and therapeutic services to youth with mental health and behavioral issues. While a number of these children have developmental disabilities, many are dealing with the consequences of abuse, neglect and other various traumas. The program uses a wraparound approach to services, with the specially trained foster parents acting as the foundation of the youth’s treatment team. Therapists and case managers work side-by-side with the caregivers to support and provide treatment to the child in care.

The issues and topics to be covered in the orientation sessions include:

  • Background and the history of NAFI
  • Who is able to be a foster parent
  • The type of parents NAFI is seeking
  • The process of licensing their home
  • Foster parents’ responsibilities
  • The different reasons for placement
  • A snapshot of the youth we serve
  • Why we are therapeutic agency
  • The stipend foster parents receive
    when a youth is placed in their home
  • The range of services NAFI provides


NAFI New York’s mission is creating diverse and innovative services for people as a multi-service agency that provides programming, consultation and individualized support services to youth and families in a variety of community-based settings.

The agency was established within the North American Family Institute in 2005 with the ground-breaking Westchester Wraparound program. From there, NAFI NY has grown to be known as a leader in community-based and therapeutic foster care programming for youth and families.

The foundation for all of our diverse services and programs are the common values and beliefs known as the Normative Community Approach. It is not a prescriptive model but rather a culmination of our basic assumptions and beliefs about working with people. It forms a framework for building community and empowering people to find their voice.