NAFI Leadership

NAFI Officers

  • Howard Rich, Chair
  • Pamela Rocha, Treasurer
  • Dr. Barbara Vinick, Clerk

NAFI Board of Directors

  • Dr. Nancy Grossman
  • Dr. William Madaus
  • Roger Marcorelle
  • Dr. Jackie S. Rosario
  • Dr. Matthew Sagal
  • Barnet Weinstein
  • James Zafris
  • Margaret Zusky

New York Leadership and Support Team

Regional Team

  • Ayeshah Parker, MPA, Regional Director

    NAFI NY Leadership Team, Summer 2018
  • Kimberly Cahalan, LCMHC, Assistant Regional Director
  • Heidy De La Cruz, Westchester County Preventive Programs Supervisor
  • Sheena Sukhai-Alverez, Orange County Preventive Programs Supervisor
  • Funmi Taiwo, Director of Wraparound Programs

Business Office and NAFI Corporate Support Team

  • Yvette Christofilis, MPA, Director of Operations
  • Don Weide, MPA, Director of Contracts & Finance
  • Christopher Watson, Business Manager
  • Tasha Young, Supervisor of Managed Care
  • Shelly Waldman, Regional Human Resources Manager
  • Rich Cashman, Lead Accountant
  • Jodi Mitchell, Accounts Payable